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  • As I'm a girl before my marriage i used to watch my weight all the time and when i got married and got my lovely 4kids i gained lots of weight that was hard to be lose .so I decided to do sleeve and i lost around 50kg i was happy but my happiness didn't complete until I met Dr. Wayne Smith who did a great and amazing result on my breast augmentation and body left up ,he is one of the fewest who can do both surgeries in the same time, i could not ask for more what i had.

    It was a lovely experience , the doctor and his team specially Fatma was so helpful and caring before and after the surgery.

    As I'm a doctor ,i knew the doctor who's giving the full guidance of what i need and what i will get and what might happen this is the perfect doctor you will ask for ever and that what i got from Dr. Smith.

    I would like to thank Dr. Wayne and thank all his team for the best and great change that happed in my life.

    By - Dr.Khadija A
  • Growing up, I always had self image issues. Due to my awkward nature, and it certainly didn't help that I was borderline obese growing up. At some point; around 14 years ago I turned my life around when I started to be more health conscious. Picked up exercise and started being mindful of my diet. Eventually I had lost all the weight, and in my mind I thought I would finally be done with the internal critiquing of myself, and gain some form of calm. Unfortunately this did not happen, as losing all the weight resulted in excessive loose skin, and just like that I had got rid of one problem, and gained another. I was indeed proud of myself for losing all the weight myself, and turning my life around through sheer will and self determination. However, every time I looked in the mirror, what I saw did not reflect the amount of work I put into myself, whether at the gym or in the kitchen. This was to put it lightly, disappointing, and it affected my mental state greatly.

    Now, I give this background to shed some light on what a monumental moment meeting Dr. Smith was for me.

    Around 3-4 Years ago I finally decided to do something about my loose skin, after trying everything I could possibly do on my own; from over the counter oils to advice from Internet keyboard doctors. Nothing worked. The final step was for me to search for a more direct solution, I met with a few physicians, but it wasn't until I met Dr. Smith did I feel at ease.

    He understood my plight, my concerns, and went through great lengths to connect with me as a person, before ever viewing me as a patient. After an initial examination and a followup consultation, I knew i was ready.

    This all happened around 4 years back, and I can say without a doubt that I am 100% pleased with the results.

    Most of the excess skin was removed from my problem areas (Mid section. Lower Body Lift?).

    Going through this procedure, along with the guidance and care of Dr. Smith and his team helped me not only improve my physical appearance, but more importantly improved my mental health as well.

    If you have your hangups on getting any procedures done, or you just have questions to ask. I can't recommend Dr. Smith enough.

    By - Mohammed J A
  • I lost 28 kgs 4 years ago and with that I lost all volume in my breast. I decided to get a breast augmentation and I was very nervous since it was my first surgery ever. Dr. Wayne made me feel at ease always asking about my personal life and we got to know each other better over the consultation and check ups. I must have asked hundreds of questions before the surgery but I felt comfortable doing so, I was encouraged to do so actually. Now 5 weeks after my surgery I am so happy with the results. I feel more confident in my body. They look natural and they look better than I pictured them in my head. The recovery time was also faster than I had expected. I highly recommend Dr. Wayne, his work is amazing.

    By - Alya S
  • 14 years ago I lost 60kgs through diet and exercise. It took me about a year to lose the weight but left me with excess skin and breasts. In 2016 I finally had enough money to pay for gynecomastia surgery, tummy tuck and some lypo on my flanks. Unfortunately I was left disfigured and I was unhappy with the results. I looked for a surgeon online and found Prof Wayne. I booked a consultation and went in for my appointment. Prof Wayne made me feel so comfortable and safe. I had several consults and he answered all my questions. I had a total redo: gynecomastia, body lift and some lypo. I was flawed by the results! I am so happy and I finally can live my life to the fullest! I've been to the beach for the first time and I feel body confident. I can never thank Prof Wayne enough for what he has done for me and his team are also so kind and professional.I can't recommend this doctor enough!

    By - Bryan
  • I was afraid for too many years to do my Breast reduction surgery, it was a dream for me wished to do it but hard to believe I would get the guts to go for it, until I met Dr. Smith and believe it or not he gave me that peace of mind where I have took the decision in less than a week. 5 days from our first appointment was my operation date scheduled, which was the greatest decision ever. apart from his great experienced and years of practice, his humanity can lead you to anything. it was a great operation with a great result where my whole life changed . Thanks allot for everything u did and wish you all the best in your career, life and Golf :)

  • The stitching of a ripped earlobe although a minor surgical procedure, I would like to express how thrilled and delighted Dr Wayne’s with both the treatment and the result of this surgery. Firstly the surgery was totally pain free and executed with carefully. I can only say that if considering further elective surgery I highly recommend Dr Wayne.

  • I did the breast augmentation with Prof. Wayne Smith. Its been 8 years I was searching for the proper doctor to whom I can confess my body. I m pretty athletic so I did have a lot of fears about the plastic surgery and it will impact my style of life. After 7 weeks I got back to the gym and squash on the normal bases. I’m extremly happy with the result, the new shape of my body and the recovery period. I do recommend Dr. Smith to anyone who desires quality, reliability and just a great surgeon.

  • Certainly the most thorough and diligent doctor that I have come across as I have never been questioned and cross questioned before on my issues after (other) major surgeries. Though he did not operate in the end, as we decided to go another route, I was highly impressed with his professional and skilled conduct.

  • I have a pair of new ears! I mean I now have new shape and contours to my ears after 40 years of being self conscious about my ‘sticky-out’ ears. My otoplasty experience with Dr. Smith and his team was excellent; professional and of world-class treatment. During the consultation, he explained clearly and honestly about the procedure and recovery factors. He also set my mind at ease because of his obvious expertise and experience in the field. One important factor in my choice of Dr. Smith to be my otoplasty surgeon is that he clearly listens to what his patients want. To me, that was my most important experience. There was minimal risk involved in otoplasty procedure and I made the decision to go ahead overnight after the consultation.

    I was put in a luxurious suite – more like a hotel really; in the preparation for the surgery the night before the procedure. The nurses were very friendly and courteous and ensured that I had a restful and relaxing night. Dr. Smith also checked that I had no anxiety or pain throughout the procedure. The surgery went very well with local anesthetic with a very light dose of Dormicum (short-lived sedative). I was in deep sleep a few minutes after taking Dormicum and when I wokeup, the procedure was almost completed. Otoplasty surgery usually takes about an hour but mine went on for two hours because Dr. Smith wanted to give me the ears that I desired; A pair of nicely contoured ears with earlobes proportionate.

    Dr. Smith also assured that I would experience only minor and normal side effects following the procedure. He provided me with his mobile phone for emergency medical advice. It is now two weeks after my surgery, my ears are pinned back and I will soon be able to have different hairstyles and to wear long earrings which I yearned for all these years. I am extremely happy with the results. I would refer Dr. Smith to friends and would return if I want the Spock look sometime – just kidding! Very satisfied.

  • After 4 failed rhinoplasties, Dr Smith saved me. I was referred to him by a friend who had a great experience after having a rhinoplasty with Dr Smith. When I saw the great outcome of my rhinoplasty, I recommended him to my sister who had a procedure done and is now very happy with the result. I highly recommend him for his experience and great customer service and care that we received.

  • Dr Smith recently operated on my 11 year old son to remove a growing birthmark(congenital melanocytic nevus) located on the left side of his neck. As anxious parents we were keen to get the best and most appropriate treatment that we could and most importantly find a consultant / surgeon that would treat a nervous 11 year old with empathy and kindness.

    We previously had a number of consultations with other cosmetic surgeon specialists, however we knew immediately on first meeting Dr. Smith that he was the perfect person to carry out the procedure. The manner in which he interacted with our son was outstanding (very different from the other consultants we had seen), addressing him directly as the patient with consideration, compassion and humour. Dr. Smith had come highly recommended to us. He has been extremely professional and courteous at all times, providing straightforward advice, answering all our concerns and allaying any fears we had regarding the operation. The care my son received by Dr. Smith and nurses on the day of the operation was excellent and I am pleased to say the operation was a complete success. I would recommend Dr. Smith without hesitation.

  • Dr Wayne changed my life, but also my heart towards the way I feel about my body. He did a body contour on me after huge weight loss and my life will never be the same again! Thank you dr Wayne, you are my hero.

  • Dr (Prof) Wayne Smith recently operated on me. I dropped a significant amount of weight (60kg) and needed excess skin removed from my inner thighs, back and abdominal area. Dr Smith spent a few hours with me during consultation and he showed a lot of professional care and gave me many detail on what I can expect of the operation. He showed me many before and after pictures of his work to explain to me what I can expect. He also wanted to see my husband during a consultation to explain to him what he will do during the operation. On the day of operation when I was so nervous, he set me at ease, once again. The after care he gave me was phenomenal and I always felt that I am in the hands of a dr who really knows what he is doing.

    It is now six weeks after my operation and I can not believe when I see my before pictures that there are such a huge difference in my appearance. My scars will take a while to fade away but I am so happy with the result, that I feel my life has just started. I have confidence that I never had and with the help of my gastric sleeve that I got before the weight loss (from dr Fawaaz Torak), I know I will never let my weight spin so out of control.

    Dr Wayne comes highly recommended by me. He is a very caring man as well as an excellent plastic surgeon and I wonder if his equal can be found in this field of plastic and reconstructive surgery…I doubt!

    By - Mrs. MW
  • I was referred to Dr. Wayne by two of his happy clients. He helped me fix the mess another doctor left in my nose (uneven break, deviated septum left untreated etc.) I am extremely happy with the results of the surgery he performed 5 years ago. The reason why you should choose him is because he gets to know his patients well, wants to fully understand their reasons for going under the knife and will even make you change your mind if he truly believes you do not need the surgery. If you do, you can trust him to give you the best possible treatment. No effort will be spared to leave you with excellent results.

    By - Denitsa Boyadjieva, Abu Dhabi
  • Dr Smith,

    Before saying that you are an extraordinary doctor,I want to tell you that you are an extraordinary human being.

    Thanks for showing so much care and concern.

    By - Ms SH
  • Dear Dr. (Professor) Smith

    When I, an European expat, considered undergoing a facelift, I surprised myself by making the decision very quickly. At our first consultation you impressed me with both your human and professional skills. Just the fact that you insisted to see both me and my husband, made us both feel at ease. This made the decision easier to make. The operation and the aftercare went very well, exactly as you had predicted. If I ever should consider another operation in the future, it must be done by you Dr. Smith. I trust you, and the result of your operation speaks for itself. I am forever grateful.

    By - Ms. KU
  • I have known Dr. Wayne Smith for 3 years and he has been a fantastic practitioner and a very caring professional. He is highly qualified and his cosmetic services go above and beyond the call of duty. He cares passionately about ensuring that his patients receive the very best treatment and follow up. I have undergone a neck, face lift and breast augmentation with superb results and Dr Wayne could not have done more to ensure I was well informed and supported through the procedures and the journey to full health. He cares deeply about his patients and he is a thoroughly good person. Dr.Wayne has amazing skills and I would wholeheartedly recommend him to anyone considering cosmetic surgery.

    By - Mrs. KG



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